Founder’s Mission Statement

I have spent a quarter of a century assisting, advising and supporting our clients in their international transactions.

Today, I still meet old clients, good friends. We remember the time when we worked together, the nights spent at a negotiation table, days of audit in data rooms, late hours spent on drafting our submissions, and what is seemed like eternity waiting for a verdict. We remember our jokes, our stress, our closings, our success.

Our clients want peace, confidentiality, and security. They want their family to be happy and safe. They want to protect their assets, the fruit of their lifetime efforts. Our clients have never sought for a one-time transaction, they always wanted to achieve, for many, a once-in-a-lifetime, project. All their energy, their mind, their life, their universe, conspire to the success in their endeavors. 

Today, many years have passed.  My clients are happy and grateful. Grateful for the time we spent together, the way we handled their case, our indefectible availability, and the sound advice we gave them. Some reached their goals and some achieved their dreams.

We are also grateful to them. They helped us growing our experience and gaining in finesse, patience, depth and strength. During all these years, we have grown an immense network of fine and multi-cultural professionals all around the globe, those who you would want to work with, and a considerable knowledge of international business.

Advising clients in their international transactions and disputes, is not a specialty; it is a life. A life dedicated to the development of a strong network, a strong knowledge of different cultures, different regulatory environments, people and mentalities.

All these years of experience brings wisdom, strategy and efficiency. This is what I want to share with students, with the Court of Arbitration for Sport, with my colleagues and with my clients.

This is DeCayetti’s project.